Choose a gallery from the Wire Sculpture dropdown (up top) and browse yourself silly.  All wire sculptures shown are Ruth Jensen originals.  No chicken wire, molds, forms, or patterns are used; every sculpture starts with a couple of straight pieces of wire twisted together.  Then I twist in more and more pieces of wire, until eventually, shazaam!  A sculpture!  At least that’s what it seems like to me.  Here’s the pileated woodpecker when it was well under way:
About 1/3rd done with this...
Wire sculpture demands more effort, more involvement from the viewer than traditional sculpture might.  A wire sculpture is there, and not there; your mind tells you what your eyes are seeing, but shift your focus and you’re looking right through it – a most unexpected view!  The extraordinary wonder of each ordinary person, creature, or situation becomes apparent because of wire sculpture’s transparency.  I like to think about this while I work.  I’m not into ugly or grim; I hope my wire sculptures give people a break from that.  I hope you have fun looking at them.

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