Now what?

I won some lovely gemmy beads when I took a first place in the contest.  Now comes the difficult – but delightful – part:  using them!  I have made lots of non-gem jewelry, some of it pretty flashy, that I’m gradually uploading to this website, and continue to make birds and other creatures, so the new material is on the back burner.  Simmering.

An angel I carved is on its way to the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East.  My sister suggested I get a map and stick pins in it to show how far my pieces have gone, but that’s too much work…I’ll just make a list!  Let’s see, in non-alphbetical order, work has gone to France, Japan, Australia, England, the Netherlands, Canada, China, and of course, the USA.  Still nothing to South America or Africa; the culture gap must be too wide.

Back to the wire.

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